How we help retail pharmacies

Whether you have one or multiple store locations that dispense medications to the general public, Supplylogix offers innovative pharmacy inventory management solutions to help your business gain efficiencies and support patient outcomes.

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Retail Pharmacies

Relieve profit margin pressure

Use actionable supply chain insights to empower decision-making

Maintaining sales volume at a level that can support the fixed and labor costs of a retail store requires a data-driven and patient-centered business strategy. Supplylogix’s innovative technology enables retail pharmacies to address common stressors by assisting with ordering and replenishment management, transferring inventory with ease, improving cycle counting through automation, providing comprehensive inventory reporting capabilities and more.

Types of retail pharmacies we serve

Retail chains

The largest and most prevalent type of retail pharmacy.

Regional pharmacies

Mass retailers and grocers with a pharmacy inside.

Independent pharmacies

Community retail pharmacy stores.

Mail-order and online pharmacies

Direct-to-consumer retailers that deliver medications.

Pharmacy challenge

  • Brick-and-mortar retail drug stores can have difficulty competing on cost and convenience compared to other distributors.
  • Visibility by individual store and medication.
  • Monitoring suspicious ordering of controlled substances.
  • Mitigating risk from theft and diversion.

How we help

  • Supplylogix solutions increase retail pharmacy capacity to spend more time meeting patient needs; whether that’s stocking the right medications at the right locations, offering lower-cost generics, providing personalized medication consultation, or other clinical services in the retail environment.
  • Easy-to-use SaaS interface provides corporate and store-level data in an appealing dashboard and through reports. Supplylogix also incorporates the latest prediction models to assist with variable replenishment by vendor in addition to informing centralized stocking parameters.
  • Improve patient care and advance better health outcomes by easily tracking ordering anomalies.
  • Protect your business and community with tools to identify risk levels at every pharmacy, every day.

Solutions for retail pharmacies

Supplylogix Pinpoint Order Icon

Pinpoint Order

Use intelligent replenishment management to increase inventory productivity

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female pharmacist using replenishment management to increase inventory productivity in pharmacy
Supplylogix Pinpoint Transfer Icon

Pinpoint Transfer

Identify redistribution opportunities to get more out of your inventory and increase GMROI

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female pharmacist identifying redistribution opportunities
Supplylogix Pinpoint Audit Icon

Pinpoint Audit and Monitor

Digitally assess risk for theft and diversion.

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Supplylogix Pinpoint Count Icon

Pinpoint Count

Save time and quickly identify counting errors with automated cycle counting.

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Pinpoint Launch

Track generic drug releases and plan inventory for adept inventory management.

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Supplylogix Pinpoint Performance Icon

Pinpoint Performance

Gain insight into inventory with analytics delivered in a clear, actionable format.

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Supplylogix Pinpoint Community Solutions Icon

Pinpoint Community Solutions

A unique, intelligent perpetual inventory system for independent pharmacies.

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medication and inventory system for independent pharmacies

Hear what retailers say about Supplylogix.

Supplylogix works to reduce our inventory dollars while minimizing our out of stocks. Their system allows our pharmacists to concentrate on the patients, not having to worry about what to order. As pharmacists get busier, it’s nice to take some workload off of their shoulders for a change.

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Benefits for retailers

  • Effective pharmacy workflow
  • Better patient engagement
  • Revenue enablement
  • Meet DSCSA regulatory compliance requirements
  • Enhanced recall and expiration monitoring
  • More efficient ordering, transferring, and returning

Independent Pharmacies FAQs

Pinpoint Community Solutions is specifically designed to solve independent pharmacy challenges.

Supplylogix uses data from your pharmacy as well as a national database of medications that we manage.

While every customer’s business situation is unique, most of our customers start experiencing a positive shift in their business within the first 90 days of implementation.

Yes, Supplylogix solutions promote compliance and support state and federal regulations for controlled substance dispensing.

The One McKesson Value

More opportunities to optimize performance

Our innovation is inspired by nearly 200 years of healthcare leadership and perspective. As part of McKesson, Supplylogix offers the most complete view of the pharmacy supply chain. Leverage our collective expertise to move your business forward at any and every stage. Whether you’re just getting started, looking to improve how you operate, or want to expand - we’re here to support you.

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