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Make informed business decisions

Use Pinpoint Performance to generate pharmacy inventory reports that can enhance your inventory management strategy and give you valuable insights into how to run an efficient pharmacy operation.

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Male pharmacist gaining insight into pharmacy inventory reporting and analytics
Inventory Reporting

Being a data-driven organization is essential

Today’s fast-paced, evolving healthcare environment requires pharmacies to deeply understand customer needs, and how those needs impact inventory moving through pharmacy locations. Our inventory reporting dashboard, Pinpoint Performance, features a visually appealing, easy-to-use graphical user interface to display analytics on the key performance indicators for your inventory. Gain actionable insights into your inventory to make better decisions with our pre-configured and customizable reports.

Analyzing customer needs and impacts on inventory within pharmacy locations

Cutting-edge reporting capabilities

Analyze Pharmacy Inventory Trends

Create reports to study pharmacy inventory trends across your entire organization, by district or by individual pharmacy.

Apply Filters for Targeted Metrics

Filter pharmacy inventory data to focus on the metrics that help you make informed decisions about your business operations.

Monitor Pharmacy Performance

Create reports from pharmacy inventory data to help maintain regulatory compliance and monitor operational performance.

What our customers say about Pinpoint Performance

There is intelligence behind the system to determine what you have on hand.

Melissa Ngo

Manager of Community Pharmacy Services, University of Wisconsin Health

What our customers say about Pinpoint Performance

We’ve been utilizing Supplylogix to help improve our on-hand inventory, as well as making sure that we’re using the products that we have in stock instead of letting them expire and sit on our shelves.

University of Wisconsin Health

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What you can do with Pinpoint Performance

  • Improve organizational alignment
  • Track and improve pharmacy operations and performance
  • Streamline inventory movement with enhanced reporting
  • Monitor your regulatory compliance
  • View insights across your entire organization, district, or individual store

  • Improve customer satisfaction by having the right medication in stock
  • Report shipping status with greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Achieve a higher sell-through rate
  • Reduce inventory management costs
  • Navigate the complexities of the pharmacy supply chain with ease

Answering your questions about Pinpoint Performance

Inventory Reporting FAQs

Pinpoint Performance is our inventory reporting solution that delivers key insights into your inventory to accurately measure compliance and program success.

Yes, Pinpoint Performance complements all Supplylogix solutions to improve pharmacy operations, specifically ensuring the right medication is stocked at the right pharmacy locations.

Our reporting capabilities help you better understand what inventory is moving through your pharmacy, and if there are any gaps or areas of improvement to provide patients with the medications they are being prescribed.

The One McKesson Value

More opportunities to optimize performance

Our innovation is inspired by nearly 200 years of healthcare leadership and perspective. As part of McKesson, Supplylogix offers the most complete view of the pharmacy supply chain. Leverage our collective expertise to move your business forward at any and every stage. Whether you’re just getting started, looking to improve how you operate, or want to expand - we’re here to support you.

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