Integrations to enhance pharmacy inventory management

When you work with us, you get a team of pharmacy inventory management experts to advise on strategic integrations to improve your pharmacy supply chain so you can focus on providing excellent patient care.

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Pharmacist able to provide excellent patient care through Supplylogix software integrations

Meet financial performance goals

Supplylogix helps pharmacies manage over 130 million transactions every single month. Hospitals, retail chains, and independent pharmacies can optimize for cost savings and revenue by focusing on supply chain controls. Our inventory management software’s flexibility to integrate with other applications, data feeds, and systems gives you more insight into what’s driving your business forward or holding you back.

Pharmacy supply chain and production

How seamless integration benefits your pharmacy

  • Gain a more complete view of your supply chain
  • Confirm inventory availability across locations
  • Automate inventory cycle counting
  • Reconcile discrepancies faster
  • Make informed decisions based on actionable insights
  • Transfer medications with greater efficiency

We answer your integration questions

Integrations FAQs

If there is a specific application, system, or data feed your pharmacy wants to validate our capability to integrate with, please contact Sales and we’ll explore what’s possible with our product management team.

Supplylogix integrates with McKesson Connect, EnterpriseRx, PDX, Rx30, Epic Willow and custom.

 Pharmacies are being asked to continually expand their capabilities to better serve patient needs. With that comes more data and information to process. Supplylogix's ability to integrate with other software and platforms offers pharmacies, and their organizations, the opportunity to understand their inventory and overall business with greater clarity.

The One McKesson Value

More opportunities to optimize performance

Our innovation is inspired by nearly 200 years of healthcare leadership and perspective. As part of McKesson, Supplylogix offers the most complete view of the pharmacy supply chain. Leverage our collective expertise to move your business forward at any and every stage. Whether you’re just getting started, looking to improve how you operate, or want to expand - we’re here to support you.

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