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Over 7,500 pharmacies use Supplylogix solutions to get the most complete view of their supply chain. With Supplylogix technology, pharmacy staff and their organization’s leaders can optimize their time, better manage inventory, and improve patient care in every setting.

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Supplylogix delivers greater visibility and control

Ignite operational efficiency

Be a part of the future of pharmacy supply chain management by using Supplylogix’s flexible solutions and transformative technologies. Data-driven decisions are possible. You can create personalized, proactive and efficient pharmacy operations with speed and ease, resulting in greater savings and advanced health outcomes.

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Pinpoint Order

Use intelligent replenishment management to increase inventory productivity

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female pharmacist using replenishment management to increase inventory productivity in pharmacy
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Pinpoint Transfer

Identify redistribution opportunities to get more out of your inventory and increase GMROI

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female pharmacist identifying redistribution opportunities
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Pinpoint Audit and Monitor

Digitally assess risk for theft and diversion.

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Pinpoint Count

Save time and quickly identify counting errors with automated cycle counting.

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Pinpoint Launch

Track generic drug releases and plan inventory for adept inventory management.

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Pinpoint Performance

Gain insight into inventory with analytics delivered in a clear, actionable format.

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Pinpoint Community Solutions

A unique, intelligent perpetual inventory system for independent pharmacies.

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A single solution to identify and implement preferred product changes by intelligently recommending what to purchase then updating the preferred product selections within your pharmacy management system.

Linking Manager

Pinpoint Order® Linking Manager™️ is a single solution to identify and implement preferred product changes within your pharmacy management system.

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Linking Manager helps improve operational efficiency by assisting clinicians who use Pinpoint Order and EnterpriseRx® to identify optimal products based on price and contract fulfillment.

Transforming Inventory Management


Gain a reliable partner

From onboarding to implementation, Supplylogix offers unmatched customer service and account management. Audit and compliance support is also available to guide and inform your pharmacy’s best practices.

Access innovative technology

Supplylogix innovation is inspired by nearly 200 years of McKesson’s healthcare leadership and perspective. Sophisticated, predictive analytics technology allows you to see your pharmacy supply chain with greater clarity.

Become more efficient and effective

With Supplylogix solutions, you set stocking parameters for ordering, replenishing and transferring medication based on accurate pharmacy data. Reduce waste by managing inventory based on patient needs, and have the right mix of generic and preferred brands.

Industry applications

Solutions for Health Systems Pharmacies

Supplylogix works with hospitals and health systems nationwide to provide innovative inventory management solutions. Our technology helps ensure a pharmacy’s inventory is accurate, maximizing inventory turnover rate.

Solutions for Retail Pharmacies

Retail chain pharmacies rely on Supplylogix suite of software solutions to unlock valuable insights hidden within their existing data and enable pharmacy leadership to make decisions based on meaningful inventory analytics.

Solutions for Independent Pharmacies

Independent, community pharmacies can improve cash flow, increase inventory efficiency and maximize operational performance with Supplylogix Pinpoint Community Solutions. Maximize patient service and satisfaction by providing the highest levels (95%+) of in-stock medications.

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Our easy-to-use SaaS interface requires no additional hardware or software, and incorporates the latest predictive analytics models for increased inventory visibility by individual pharmacy store and drug type.

Trusted by pharmacies nationwide

Our growing community of pharmacy professionals and their organizations, use Supplylogix’s Pinpoint Suite to provide pharmacy supply chain intelligence and gain a competitive advantage

Align with pharmacy technology leaders

Balance customer care, operational efficiency and business growth with the help of our pharmacy management tools and consultancy services.

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