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Risk mitigation

Reduce your pharmacy’s vulnerability to theft and diversion of controlled substances and other high-value medications, as well as proactively track and identify suspicious orders with our Pinpoint Audit and Monitor solutions.

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Risk Mitigation

Continuously audit your controlled substance and high-value inventory

We help you maintain a constant awareness of your inventory and evaluate the risk of diversion by each pharmacy location. In-depth reporting capabilities enable you to compile and consolidate information on potential theft and diversion within a large chain or multi-store operation. Automated monitoring and precise reporting can help with the prompt detection of suspicious activity and facilitate the collection of evidence for an investigation.

Solutions for risk mitigation strategy

Supplylogix Pinpoint Audit Icon Pinpoint Audit

Proactively identify risk levels at every pharmacy, every day

Identify suspicious behavior trends

Analyze timing & frequency of inventory adjustments

Receive alerts for potential diversion based on proven risk factors

Supplylogix Pinpoint Monitor Icon Pinpoint Monitor

Monitor suspicious purchase behavior

Identify over-purchasing of controlled substances

Uncover potential over-prescribing by physicians

Reduce the risk of fines and violations against your license


Consolidated reporting

Seamlessly consolidate forensic reports, which simplifies the data gathering process and facilitates the prompt discovery of large and small quantity theft.

Behavioral analytics alerts

Identify risk levels and receive alerts for potential diversion based on proprietary and proven risk factors.

Chain-wide reporting

Pinpoint Audit and Pinpoint Monitor are designed to suit organizations large and small and provide streamlined visibility across all pharmacies.

Hosted controlled substance inventory monitoring

Protect your pharmacy

Search for irregular drug ordering practices using a comprehensive industry database maintained by Supplylogix that detects and benchmarks controlled substance dispensing patterns on a global scale. Extensive reporting capabilities enable you to analyze and document any suspicious activity around the movement of controlled substances through your pharmacy.

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What our customers say about our solutions

Supplylogix has given us the flexibility of having a system to manage inventory for us. It takes that manual work off our hands.

Kaiser Permanente

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Preventing substance abuse is all of our responsibility


people with a substance abuse disorder in the U.S.

Source: Recovery Research Institute


U.S. economic burden due to opioid misuse


Answering your questions about risk mitigation and regulatory compliance

Risk Mitigation FAQs

Theft or diversion by employees is a constant concern. Physicians who overprescribe or customers who overuse drugs can compromise patient safety. Lax oversight of controlled substance dispensing can lead to loss of inventory, fines for regulatory non-compliance, and, potentially, forfeiture of your license. Pinpoint Monitor and Audit helps protect your business while reducing unnecessary investigations.

They are distinct solutions that offer specific capabilities, but work seamlessly together to provide pharmacies with the most comprehensive risk mitigation.

Each solution analyzes pharmacy inventory data and proactively helps identify risk levels, and monitors for suspicious ordering and purchase activity.

Our years of experience in the pharmacy industry, specifically supply chain management, has revealed theft and diversion case management is a major pain-point for many pharmacies across retail, independent and hospital settings. We apply our innovative technology to help make it easier for pharmacies to build, track and store cases to support compliance.

Employee theft or diversion of controlled substances and other medications can compromise your regulatory compliance and decrease your bottom line. If you don’t have a clear strategy in place to audit your inventory and investigate suspicious activity, you can lose valuable time responding to such incidents.

Supplylogix’s case management pharmacy inventory theft and diversion capability is part of our Pinpoint Audit and Pinpoint Monitor products to streamline investigations into suspicious activity in your pharmacy.

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