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An intelligent perpetual inventory management system

Pinpoint Community Solutions provides independent pharmacy customers the opportunity to improve cash flow, increase inventory efficiency and maximize operational performance.

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Pinpoint Community Solutions

Maximize patient service with automated perpetual inventory

Retail pharmacy ordering can be manual and efficient. With Supplylogix Pinpoint Community Solutions, pharmacies gain affordable access to intelligent inventory ordering, transfer and cycle counting products to ensure they have the right medications on hand, and the right time to fulfill patient needs.

How independent pharmacies benefit from Pinpoint Community Solutions

Improve patient engagement and satisfaction

Achieve 96%+ in-stock levels, resulting in improved patient satisfaction, fewer partial fills & out of stock situations.

Increase cash flow and efficiency

Lower cost of inventory by approximately $30,000 with our solution. You can also improve turns and working capital. Reduce time spent on generating inventory orders by 20 percent.

Inventory visibility across locations

Streamline ordering with up-to-the-minute intuitive dashboards of current inventory for maximum visibility.

Reduce out-of-date products and lost inventory

Typical 40-60% net credit for salvage product returns. Achieve fewer outdates by up to 25% in the first two years.

What our customers say about our solutions

Supplylogix has given us the flexibility of having a system to manage inventory for us. It takes that manual work off our hands.

Kaiser Permanente

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How we’re advancing pharmacies

Technology that can help you improve health outcomes

Pinpoint Community Solutions is important because it helps ensure that your patients have access to the medications they need when they need them.

Pharmacy supply chain solutions ensuring patients have the right medications when they need them

Get to know Pinpoint Community Solutions better

Perpetual Inventory FAQs

Pinpoint Community Solutions is an intelligent perpetual inventory management system, and a unique McKesson market offering, that leverages the power of Supplylogix’s core algorithm-based inventory management tools, coupled with McKesson’s Connect inventory ordering portal; and utilizes RelayHealth’s vast network switch capabilities to create an intelligent perpetual inventory system for independent pharmacies, regardless of their pharmacy management system.

Applying industry leading Supplylogix tools to track actual pharmacy consumption allows for real-time information to be passed directly into the McKesson Connect ordering platform creating pre-populated order points.

Your pharmacy will need to leverage McKesson Connect.

The One McKesson Value

More opportunities to optimize performance

Our innovation is inspired by nearly 200 years of healthcare leadership and perspective. As part of McKesson, Supplylogix offers the most complete view of the pharmacy supply chain. Leverage our collective expertise to move your business forward at any and every stage. Whether you’re just getting started, looking to improve how you operate, or want to expand - we’re here to support you.

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