Pinpoint Transfer®

Redistribution Intelligence

Reduce Inventory Shrink & Increase GMROI through Innovative Redistribution Intelligence

One of the largest hidden costs that pharmacies deal with is unproductive inventory. ROI declines while inventory shrink rises. To combat this, we help pharmacies focus on redistributing inventory to reduce costs and get more out of each product.

Pinpoint Transfer is a streamlined SaaS tool that easily integrates with your pharmacy management system and identifies logical redistribution transfers. Such redistribution intelligence helps increase product utilization and reduce out-of-date returns. Pinpoint Transfer provides centralized visibility into unproductive inventory and control of product redistribution.


Easily Redistribute Unproductive Inventory

Our demand-forecasting engine prioritizes redistribution options while our web applications enable users to view data that drives transfer decisions, maximizing the use of the inventory you already own.

Maximize Utilization and Control Expenditures

Pinpoint Transfer match-and-use algorithms leverage a broad transactional dataset to accelerate the utilization of redistributed product, while we ensure product movement meets productivity standards.

Better Understand Productivity & Trends

The powerful analytics provided by Pinpoint Transfer offer your team clear visibility into unproductive inventory, while easy-to-use query capabilities assist in locating and moving product efficiently.

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