Pinpoint Count

Pharmacy Inventory Cycle Counting Software

Count prescription medications in your pharmacy inventory accurately and efficiently

Manually selecting and counting large medication quantities are labor-intensive tasks that may introduce errors into your inventory. Such mistakes become costly in terms of product loss and inventory shrink. Inventory cycle counting software can improve the overall accuracy of the manual counting process. It enables you to automatically identify what needs to be counted, monitor counting activity at each store, and verify the accuracy of your inventory totals. Such a solution can save you money and give your staff more time to focus on what’s really important – taking care of patients.

Pinpoint Count is an easy-to-use, highly configurable inventory management tool that lets you manage counting tasks and organize perpetual inventory across all prescription drug categories. Integrating Pinpoint Count software into your inventory management system enables you to:

• Track inventory cycle counting activity with precision
• Monitor employee participation in the inventory cycle counting process
• Add flexible scheduling and configuration options to balance workload across all stores
• Gain valuable insights into pharmacy inventory using powerful reporting and filtering capabilities

Flexible Configuration

Determine which products to count, by who, and when with extensive inventory cycle counting configuration options.

Seamless Communication

Send ad-hoc National Drug Codes (NDC) to be counted from headquarters to individual stores and alert employees to new guidelines.

Automatic Error Detection

Ensure the right medications are counted with automated software that identifies and highlights incorrect inventory values for cycle count.

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