Pinpoint Audit® & Pinpoint Monitor

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Protect Your Business with Advanced Analytics & Comprehensive Controlled Substance Monitoring

Pharmacies continue to deal with nagging issues caused by theft and diversion, but traditional methods for identifying risk are challenging and often inefficient. Pinpoint Audit is a SaaS tool designed to assist pharmacies in protecting their pharmacy business by reducing unnecessary investigation processes. This tool allows pharmacies to identify and score risk and continuously monitor all pharmacy purchases and dispenses, which can result in the speedy discovery of diversion and a streamlined investigation workload.

Retailers have a responsibility to ensure that stores maintain DEA Title 21 compliance, but overseeing this effort is time-consuming and often unclear. Pinpoint Monitor is a SaaS tool designed to assist pharmacies in highlighting specific stores and practitioners of concern. The ability to clearly monitor controlled substances is a necessity for pharmacy businesses, but it can pose unique challenges. Pinpoint Monitor is a SaaS tool designed to help pharmacies protect themselves in this capacity. Pinpoint Monitor allows pharmacies to monitor suspicious ordering on a global scale by using our entire marketplace to determine normal dispensing patterns. This provides added security which can lead to reduced violations, fines, and licensure risks.

Consolidated Reporting

Pinpoint Audit seamlessly consolidates forensic reports, which dramatically simplifies the data gathering process. This leads to the quick discovery and reporting of large and small quantity theft.

Behavioral Analytics Alerts

Pinpoint Audit users identify risk levels and receive alerts for potential diversion based on proprietary and proven risk factors.

Chain-Wide Reporting

Pinpoint Audit and Pinpoint Monitor are built to suit organizations large and small and provide streamlined visibility across all stores.

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