Case Management

Inventory Theft & Diversion Investigation

Removing the Guesswork from Investigation Tasks

Pharmacies are often left unprepared after discovering an instance of theft. Without clear next steps, it’s difficult to complete a successful investigation. That’s where Case Management comes in. As an extension of Pinpoint Audit and Pinpoint Monitor, Case Management assists pharmacy businesses in facilitating collaboration with retailers, establishing and assigning investigation tasks, and recording findings once those tasks are completed. Using this tool as a central point of organization allows for the faster handling of cases, which creates efficiency that adds to patient satisfaction.

Clear Task Assignments

This tool creates an overt path for cases to follow, with clear tasks that remove the guesswork from investigations, leading to faster resolutions.

Outcome Management

Case Management allows pharmacies to categorize, track, and store outcomes, which keeps records organized and well within compliance standards.

Compliance Assistance

Quickly and carefully handling investigations in instances of theft is key to maintaining compliance standards.

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