Supplylogix Announces PDX Pharmacy System Relationship

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February 10, 2011
3 min.
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Lynn Gilchrist
Vice President, Product
Supplylogix, Inc. today announced that it has recently entered into a strategic relationship with PDX, Inc. to provide the 10,000 pharmacies using a PDX pharmacy management system with access to Supplylogix’s inventory management and demand forecasting solutions. Lubbock, TX-based grocery chain United Supermarkets, with 44 in-store pharmacies, is a customer of both companies and is  planning to use the services available under this new partnership.

Supplylogix helps pharmacy retailers maximize patient service levels while controlling pharmacy inventory expense through scientific analysis of store activity. The company’s Pinpoint Transfer™ and Pinpoint Order™ applications are offered through a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) model which will fully integrate with PDX pharmacy systems.

“We are pleased to announce this relationship with PDX to help our mutual customers more effectively manage pharmaceutical inventory, typically among the largest assets on their pharmacy operations balance sheets. This integration allows us to present a more comprehensive suite of inventory management services to the PDX customer base,” said Mark Wilgus, President and CEO of Supplylogix.

“Pharmacies need accurate and effective inventory management solutions. By partnering with Supplylogix, customers who use either the PDX Pharmacy System or the Enterprise Pharmacy System will have access to a new, advanced service that also offers forecasting,” said Jeff Farris, CEO and President of “We remain focused on delivering solutions and services our pharmacy partners require to remain competitive and are committed to providing them with innovative technologies, such as those offered by Supplylogix, that enable them to manage their pharmacy business effectively and profitably.”

“Supplylogix services, integrated with PDX, are a great fit for our pharmacy operations. With Pinpoint Transfer and Pinpoint Order we can enhance our pharmacy in-stock rates as we streamline our pharmacy inventory levels. These tools allow us to maximize our inventory turns through predictive order point management and reduce excess inventory by identifying redistribution options within our own chain,” said Tim Purser, Director of Pharmacy at United Supermarkets.

About Supplylogix
Supplylogix Inc. is a technology company that develops and provides integrated data-driven solutions for healthcare inventory logistics. The company’s flagship Pinpoint suite of services empowers pharmacies to enhance patient service levels while controlling inventory expense. For more information, please call 877-293-9939, email or visit

About PDX
Over 10,000 pharmacies across the U.S. benefit from technologies provided by PDX® and affiliates® and NHIN®. PDX continues to build on its 25+ year commitment to excellence in retail pharmacy and patient care. Its single-source, integrated solution is unmatched by any other single provider or group of technology providers. It features the fast, intuitive, and advanced Enterprise Pharmacy System—already the choice of 14 chains and one major managed care plan; the portable, interoperable Electronic Pharmacy Record, which contains over 1 billion prescriptions and 71 million patients; industry-leading accounts receivable services from AbsoluteAR; store-based mail order and central fill services from; pharmaceutical manufacturer performance programs; and more.

About United Supermarkets
Now in its 95th year of operation, United Supermarkets, LLC, is a Texas-based, family-owned grocery chain with stores in 30 markets across north and west Texas. A self-distributing company with its headquarters in Lubbock, United currently operates 50 stores under three distinct formats: United Supermarkets, Market Street and Amigos United.

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For Supplylogix: Rick Sage,
For PDX: Todd Whitley,
For United Supermarkets: Eddie Owens,

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With Pinpoint Transfer and Pinpoint Order we can enhance our pharmacy in-stock rates as we streamline our pharmacy inventory levels.

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