Who We Are

Overview of Supplylogix and Our Proprietary Suite of SaaS Products

Supplylogix Overview

We are the leading provider of intelligence solutions for health care inventory, and we’re driven by our desire to make a bottom-line difference and increase patient satisfaction for our clients. To accomplish this, we’re committed to showing both quantitative and qualitative value. Our solutions are being used within the marketplace by national and regional retailers all over the United States. Their trust in the Supplylogix team is due, in part, to our over one hundred years of collective experience in such a young but competitive industry. In 2013, Supplylogix was acquired by McKesson Corporation. This alignment has provided us with the resources to continuously improve our solutions and drive our clients’ supply chain success.

The Pinpoint Suite

The Pinpoint suite of products are the industry-leading solutions for health care supply chain management. These tools provide key insights to drive decision making for pharmacy products at each stage of their life cycle. Over twelve thousand and counting pharmacies rely on Supplylogix Pinpoint tools to improve in-stock positions, decrease product waste and drive patient satisfaction. We’re focused on innovation and partnership and continuously improve our products through feedback we receive from our clients. Providing opportunities for our clients to give feedback and suggest product updates ensure our products stay on the cutting edge of inventory management.

Our History

Since 2010, we’ve been innovating the way that healthcare companies manage inventory.
The timeline below highlights our major milestones.


Supplylogix was founded.

February 2011

Supplylogix establishes an interface with PDX pharmacy software and implements first customer.

March 2011

Topco announces partnership with Supplylogix.

April 2013

Supplylogix establishes interface with McKesson EnterpriseRx pharmacy software.

May 2013

Sears Holdings awards Supplylogix the Partners in Transformation Award at the 2013 Vendor Summit.

August 2013

Supplylogix acquired by McKesson as exclusive inventory solution.

August 2014

Robust growth forces relocation of Supplyogix headquarters to new, larger office space in Westlake.

September 2014

Supplylogix holds first user conference, IdeaXchange.

April 2015

Supplylogix hosts IdeaXchange 2 in Westlake.

August 2015

Supplylogix releases new Pinpoint Performance Reporting Module

April 2016

Supplylogix hosts IdeaXchange 3 user conference in Austin, TX.

August 2016

Supplylogix debuts new Case Management tool, an enhancement to Pinpoint Audit to streamline the investigation process.

Pinpoint Transfer has allowed us to transfer millions of dollars of overstock and dead stock throughout our chain and back to the vendor. This limits the amount of product we must send back to the reverse distributor as expired. Pinpoint Order allows us to manage inventory corporately and gives the staff more time to focus on patient care instead of inventory management. Marla Gunn, Bartell Drugs

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