Pinpoint Order®

Replenishment Management

Increase Inventory Productivity & GMROI with Intelligent Replenishment Management

Retail operations rely on effective inventory planning and management. Despite this fact, many pharmacy organizations are forced to use outdated replenishment or replacement systems that show little return on investment and drive partial fills. Supplylogix delivers Pinpoint Order to eliminate waste, make purchasing and replenishment more intelligent, and provide insightful analytics.

Pinpoint Order is a centrally managed, intelligent SaaS tool that integrates with existing order workflows, pharmacy management systems and suppliers to automatically replenish across the entirety of your organization based on your in-stock parameters. With Pinpoint Order, demand forecasts are automated and optimized for unique dispensing patterns. It provides centralized control of in-stock and carrying cost parameters while remaining supplier and manufacturer neutral. Fast and easy access to powerful inventory analytics will allow your team to make better informed inventory decisions.

Data-Driven Inventory Decisions

The dashboard and control panel empower your team to make quick, well-informed decisions by providing a clear view of inventory information at the chain, store and item levels.

Focus on Patient Care

The systematic reduction in the amount of time pharmacy staff spends on inventory management tasks frees up valuable time that can be redirected to patient care.

Better Understand Productivity & Trends

Powerful analytics offer your team clear visibility into inventory productivity, dispensing and replenishment trends, and service levels to gain insight into inventory decision outcomes.

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