Why Supplylogix?

Supplylogix is focused on one simple goal: helping your healthcare supply chain operate with visibility and efficiency. We do this by unlocking valuable information and patterns hidden within your existing transactional data. Our solutions give you a new way to understand your supply chain and trading partners.

Unfortunately, many healthcare providers and retailers have come to rely on scarce, disconnected and outdated information when it comes to managing the business of supply logistics. We have the solution. With our technology, integration and industry expertise, there are many reasons to partner with Supplylogix. Here are the top 6.


Supplylogix solutions have been deployed and proven themselves 24/7 in thousands of client applications. Our impact results have been cross referenced by many of our clients' own internal metrics and we're proud to say we know and can prove the value we deliver.

We maintain a high-standard of integrity with all of our customers and customer data, regardless of pharmaceutical wholesale distributor relationship. As a division of McKesson Corporation, we are supported by the oldest and largest healthcare services company in the nation. This relationship offers unparalleled ongoing investment in our industry leading software solutions.

Our research and product teams have developed our advanced software platform, hosted in a combination of leading cloud computing environments, which gives our clients access to tools and information based on gigantic datasets. Supplylogix solutions are engineered to be both powerful and easy to use.

If there is one constant across all healthcare supply chains, it is rapid change. Supplylogix provides unmatched on-demand analytics and other tools that help our clients maintain a competitive advantage in a constantly changing environment.

We understand our solutions can provide value only after we are integrated within our clients' supply chains. With a wide variety of supplier and provider data feeds pre-engineered, we have the relationships, knowledge and processes to implement new clients typically in 30 days or less.

We view each and every one of our client relationships as partnerships. As such, we focus on long-term outcomes and consider client success as our mutually vested interest.