Effective inventory planning and management is a cornerstone of effective retail operations. Today, your pharmacy organization may be forced to rely on human-directed replenishment or simple replacement logic, both significant drivers of stock-outs, low Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) and growing outdated product return volume.

Supplylogix Pinpoint Order™ is the solution: a centrally managed intelligent system that integrates with your existing order workflow, pharmacy management system and suppliers to automatically replenish across your organization, based on your specified in-stock parameters.

At a Glance

  • Increased GMROI and inventory productivity
  • Simple, centralized control of in-stock and carrying cost parameters
  • Automated demand forecasts optimized for each location’s dispensing patterns
  • Integrated to your pharmacy system and existing replenishment workflow
  • Fast, easy access to powerful inventory analytics
  • Supplier and manufacturer neutral platform

Balance Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes with Inventory Expense

  • Our easy-to-use dashboard and control panels allow your merchandising and operations teams to make quick and data-driven decisions on inventory levels. Users can evaluate a wide array of inventory-centric information at retailer, store and item levels to support clinical inventory management and merchandise planning efforts.

Make Your Existing Perpetual Inventory System Run Better

  • The Supplylogix field-level user interface provides store personnel with expanded capabilities designed to improve the accuracy of your on-hand counts while reducing overhead expenses related to perpetual inventory system management. Cost accounting options and field-level user activity observation tools further improve the quality of your perpetual inventory.

Better Understand Inventory Productivity and Trends

  • Our powerful on-demand analytics offer both field and corporate personnel instant visibility into key inventory productivity information, product availability, service levels and trending. Logically organized datasets and ad hoc query capabilities help drive market insights and better understanding of inventory decision outcomes.

For more information about Pinpoint Order™ and our pharmacy replenishment management solutions, please contact us.