Unproductive inventory in a pharmacy is a significant hidden cost that both reduces Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) and raises inventory shrink from outdated product returns. Without a proactive approach to managing unproductive inventory, you may find one-third or more of your total inventory dollars sits dormant with little or no chance of near-term use.

As companies and organizations look to expand “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” initiatives, we invite pharmacy providers to consider the additional nuance of a vital fourth initiative:  Redistribution. Simply integrated with your practice management or point-of-sale system, Pinpoint Transfer™ identifies logical redistribution orders optimized to speed product utilization and reduce materials handling expense.

At a Glance

  • Increased GMROI and inventory productivity
  • Simple, centralized control of in-stock and carrying cost parameters
  • Automated demand forecasts optimized for each location’s dispensing patterns
  • Integrated to your pharmacy system and existing replenishment workflow
  • Fast, easy access to powerful inventory analytics
  • Supplier and manufacturer neutral platform

Redistribute Unproductive and Excess Inventory with Ease

  • The Supplylogix demand forecasting engine prioritizes redistribution options while our simple, easy-to-use web applications enable end-users to view a broad set of data to make decisions and execute transfers. Additional integration features simplify field merchandising, accounting and logistics efforts. Utilize Supplylogix insights to maximize use of product you already own.

Maximize Utilization and Control Logistics Expenditures

  • Pinpoint Transfer™ match-and-use algorithms leverage a broad transactional dataset to accelerate utilization of redistributed product. We simultaneously balance workflow and logistics considerations to ensure product movement meets productivity thresholds.

Better Understand Inventory Productivity and Trends

  • Our powerful on-demand analytics offer both field and corporate personnel instant visibility into key inventory productivity information, redistribution execution and performance trends. Easy to use ad hoc query capabilities help users locate and move product quickly and efficiently.

For more information about Pinpoint Transfer™ and our redistribution intelligence solution set, please contact us.