Intelligent Cycle Count

Inventory Cycle Counting System

Accuracy & Efficiency through Automated Cycle Counting

Accurate perpetual cycle counting is fundamental to tracking and identifying product loss related to shrink in a timely manner. This is often inhibited by cycle counting being a laborious, error-prone manual process. To combat this, Intelligent Cycle Count automates cycle counting to ensure that stores are not being asked to count products they do not carry or dispense. This saves time and money, and ensures accuracy that is vital to all pharmacies’ financial accounting and reporting processes.

Custom Configuration

The extensive configuration options allow users to determine which products they count and at what cadence they count them.

Ease of Communication

Intelligent Cycle Count makes it easy for corporate users to push ad-hoc NDCs down to individual stores to be counted.

Identify Errors

The streamlined automation of this tool easily identifies erroneous inventory values and highlights those items for cycle count.

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